Saturday, August 04, 2012

Jodrell Bank Observatory : Gateway to the stars

Jodrell Bank Observatory

Cheshire England

Pictures of the Lovell Radio Telescope

Here are some photos of a beast of a technological machine, the Lovell Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire. If you like astronomy, science or big things it certainly is worth a visit.
Jodrell Bank - Lovell Telescope - Front View
A radio telescope that scans the universe for radio signals, developed from radar technology during the World II.
Jodrell Bank - Lovell Telescope - Rear View
It was renamed to the Lovell Telescope in 1987 after Sir Bernard Lovell who is the driving force behind it's construction and research efforts.

'"I purchased this book 3 years ago when I first became seriously interested in amateur astronomy. It is OUTSTANDING!!"

Jodrell Bank - Lovell Telescope - Side View
  It is a major discoverer of pulsars and tracked the Sputnik the first human satellite launched by the Russians in 1957. It was also used to track the race to the moon by both the Americans and the Russians in the 1960's. This facility is also run by the astronomical research centre of the University of Manchester
Jodrell Bank - Lovell Telescope - Focal Tower
In the centre of the main disk is an enormous focal tower that receives radio signals form deep space
Jodrell Bank - Lovell Telescope - Focal Tower Close  up
We actually saw the whole structure moving, quietly whirring away to discover it's next destination in the cosmos.
Jodrell Bank - Lovell Telescope - Heavenward
The radio telescope looks up into the heavens. We know nothing at all about radio astronomy so if anyone can enlighten us more in simple terms  it would be very much appreciated..
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Restored Fire Engine 1956 Dennis

Here is a beautifully restored Dennis fire engine from the 1950's
A time when the bell instead of the siren was used.
In operational service for 18 years from 1957 until 1975 and cost £2500 when new in Blackburn, NW England.
If you have ever wondered what is in the side lockers of a fire tender you can see here
As seen at Truckfest at Haydock Park in September 2009
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