Saturday, November 26, 2011

Joke : Superman : Empire State Building

Three guys were standing at the top of the Empire State Building in New York. The first guy says to the second, "You know, the wind currents are so strong here in New York that one could step off the edge of the building and literally float in mid-air due to the upward thrust of the thermal air current."

"No way, man, you're crazy," said the second guy to the first. So the first guy steps off the edge of the building and just floats in mid-air for about 20 seconds and then returns to the roof of the building.

Superman CartoonThe second guy is simply thrilled and says, "watch me do that" as he steps from the edge roof into the open air. Of course he falls like a stone straight down all the way to the waiting pavement below--SPLAT!

The third guy, who has remained quiet the entire time, leans over to the first guy and say, "You know something Superman, sometimes you can be a real pain!"

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Agent Zigzag Eddie Chapman Book Review

Agent Zigzag: True Wartime Story of Eddie Chapman: Notorious Double Agent of World War II by Ben Macintyre : Book Review

War does something to people that otherwise would never happen, it can make heroes out of some and villains out of others, both seem to happened to Eddie Chapman. He was a petty criminal who by various routes from a Scottish Jail ended up in Germany as a double agent both for Germany and for England and this is his true story.

Ben Macintyre is a British author, historian, and newspaper columnist. He writes about various topics ranging from historical to current events.

Some ordinary people reviews from

"This book has been much reviewed and hyped. That usually makes me nervous but the praise is well meritted. It is a great story well told. The pacey narrative matches the racey lifestyle of Eddie Chapman. Chapman was a criminal and philanderer whose charm won through despite his duplicitous behaviour."

"Seriously, If this was work of fiction it would leave the reader thinking that the story was too far fetched. However, this is not a work of fiction but is a factual account of the British and German secret service and in particular, one man, double agent Eddie Chapman"

Video - Ben Macintyre talks about his book Agent Zigzag - Double Agent

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