Sunday, July 31, 2011

Digital Coin Counting Money Jar

Here is a great way to save some money.

All that loose change in your pocket can add up over time and here is the place to put it.

It's like your own personal savings bank that you can put on the mantel piece. I save my loose change regularly and it amazing how it totals up.

It's sort of money you thought you didn't have and when you total it up one can buy a new pair of trousers, a gorgeous dress (if you are a lady of course), a nice book, or dare I say, send some flowers to the love of your life. If the electric bill is terribly high the money saved can go towards the payment.

This jar counts all your silver money as you put it in so you can see how much small change you have saved which is it's main benefit.

If you want to get your children learning to save this will help them get on the right track always boasting about how much they have and what they are going to spend it on.

Overall a pleasant little earner on the side.

You can get the Digital Coin Counting Money Jar  from